Other Projects

Check out more of my professional and creative work below.

Super Impulse

Amazon Store Project
I was tasked with executing a full-scale overhaul of Super Impulse’s Amazon stores, from layout to design, arranging their sub-brands and vast product catalogue in an easy-to-navigate and visually appealing way. The new stores saw direct improvements in page views and sales.

Skills Used:
  • Wireframing in Figma
  • Artistic direction
  • Creating assets in Photoshop
  • Communication & Collaboration

Visit the World’s Smallest Store here.

Supplemental Sales Deck
The main purpose of this deck is to arm arm Super Impulse’s sales reps so they can be more informed when they speak with buyers. It’s meant to be a supplement to presentations and the product catalogue by providing licensing information about new 2021 products 
Company Overview Deck
This is Super Impulse’s handshake to a new relationship—whether that be prospective business relationship, a licensor, a retail partner, and sometimes a new customer. 

IMA Low Res

A simple and therapeutic ripple sketch.

Museum of You (MOY)
A fictional open call proposal for an interative media museum. The concept is MOY: a multi-tiered interactive installation designed to take participants on a visual journey using sentiment analysis.

Retro-style Car Game
A retro-style car game with a cyberpunk, futuristic feel made in Unity. I incorporated Arduino controls to effect the sound, the lights and a particle behavior.

Invisible North

Industry Round-ups
Internal weekly reports on cultural trends and all things experiential
Client Deck
Sample client deck I helped craft.

Bleacher Report

Competitive Analysis Reports
A report that tracks and contextualizes trends for a weekly comprehensive branded content competitive analyses. It arms departments across the company with vital industry updates. Well-recieved, the reports continued beyond my time. View them all here.
Wrap Reports
Analyzed post-campaign metrics, then bundled the information into succinct wrap reports, which were to be communicated to clients, such as Adidas, State Farm, Puma, AMEX and Jordan. 

Social Franchise Deck
B/R’s social franchises are their unique language to communicating with sports fans. This is an internal deck that arms sellers, strategists, and marketers with information about B/R’s social franchises.